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COVID-19: Counselling & CBT continues

Now more than ever people are in need of professional support. Many of you are feeling alone, others are struggling to deal with relationship issues at this time, others still are grieving losses and separation from loved ones.

We want to reassure you that our private counselling and CBT service continues during these times. The difference is that we are not meeting together in the same room. Safety first, for all.

Safe sessions

Whilst we may not be in the same room together, we are still closely connected with you. We are delivering counselling and CBT sessions by phone and by video link. This is such a safe, secure and effective way to help you during this challenging time.

More availability

We will always do our best to find you a session time that fits with your home life. For example, you may want your session late into the evening when the children are in bed, or, early on a weekend morning whilst the house is still quiet.

We understand you need privacy. This is why we have extended our availability and increased our flexibility. Meeting your needs is paramount. If we can, we will.

Don’t let a full household deter you. There is nearly always a way.

So many advantages

We love counselling and CBT sessions by phone, and or video link. As counsellors we notice that our clients seem to open up more easily. They seem less tense and more comfortable in their own space.

The sessions save you time and money. No journeys to the counsellors office, no parking, no traffic. You’re in your safe space with all your familiar comforts around you. You don’t even need to get out of your slippers!

Book today

Simply decide who you’d like to book a session with and make direct contact. If you’re not sure send the contact form and Marina Broadley will reply to you.

We are committed to supporting you. Together we can continue counselling in a very safe and effective way.

Book your appointment today.

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