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Come to this wonderful group class - its so good for us

Don't we want to live in a better, less stressed way? There are many ways in which we can greatly improve our lives. Finding the right counsellor is one way. Mindfulness is another. Look no further:

Come to 'A Peaceful Place' The Class

This is a women-only monthly class offering you a relaxed, friendly environment to introduce you to the calming benefits of mindfulness.

Date : Sunday 3rd March

Regularity: 1st Sunday of the month

Time: 10.00am - 11.30am

Location: The Atkins Building, Lower Bond Street, Hinckley LE10 1QU

Cost: £25.00 Paid in advance (non-refundable/transferable)

Book: www.heartofwellbeing.co.uk

This monthly class helps women to connect up and learn mindfulness within the kind of environment that makes it easier, good fun even, safe, heartwarming, relaxing, healing and above all, inspirational. To inspire each other is the best gift ever. I see bonds being formed. I see people change and feel happier. I see uplift. I see real emotion. I see care. I see kindness. I see a shift in perspective and experience. I see stress and distress dissolve. I see women become hopeful and encouraged. I see new starts. I see mindfulness becoming a way of life.

Monthly Womens Mindfulness. Woman on Laptop Hero

Healing and peaceful

I invite you join with other women who too are intent on developing a more healing, refreshing and peaceful way of being.

Feel what it is like to restore your mind and body to its natural state of being. To let go of tightness and mind chaos. To feel more hopeful about yourself.

Through direct experience you will see that mindfulness is a fascinating process, and has the potential to be incredibly beneficial.

Our hearts lead us toward the things we need

When we learn to stop trying to change everything outside of us and we start changing our own minds and hearts and our reaction to the world around us something extraordinary happens. Life becomes a little happier, life becomes a little easier, life becomes a little more liberating. Isn't this what we are all yearning for?

So, follow your heart and set your intention to release the harmful toxins, and make a little space to attend to your needs, your wellness, your great life.

Group numbers are small, the learning space is wonderfully restful, and the environment is relaxed and very friendly.

I intentionally keep the groups quite small because it helps people better, I find. But, this means that they get booked up quickly!

Make something good happen

So booking your place is about setting your intention to start feeling the benefits of mindfulness. Its such a wonderful practice because it teaches us to be much more ok with life as it is. Just as it is now. Not just when it stops raining. Or when the light nights come back. Or when the house is tidy. It teaches us to let go of the obsession with wanting everything to be different to what it is. It teaches us to approach life in a different way.

A Peaceful Place: The Class is a safe haven. Without realising it, we inspire each other. A sense of camaraderie develops amongst participants and the sessions always uplift our spirits. Book yourself on.

So make something good happen right now. Start looking after yourself.

Monthly Womens Mindfulness. pixabaywomenfreedom

What kind of women come?

Ordinary women. Everyday women. Women who are looking for a better way of life.

I'm ordinary. I'm the mindfulness teacher and I'm quite ordinary. Not weird. Not out of touch with real life. In fact just the opposite.

I teach sitting on a chair in an ordinary way. I live on an ordinary road, not on a mountain top.

But, my big thing is all about people, like you and I, changing our lives. From the inside out.

And so, I look forward to meeting you soon - and at the very start of the next part of your life-journey!

In the meantime, rest easy, knowing that you're making some great refreshing changes. You have to start somewhere. This is it!

I wish you well as you start along this path.

My best wishes,


P.S. If the one-to-one personal attention of individual mindfulness sessions would suit you better than a small group, then contact me to book a private introductory session.

Please visit my lovely new mindfulness for women website for details of all events, news and inspiration! www.heartofwellbeing.co.uk

Monthly Womens Mindfulness. woman on mountain

Try Womens Mindfulness this New Year ...it's so good for you!

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