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Anxiety, loss, depression..

There are many reasons people are suffering. As there are many ways to lower, reduce, manage, eliminate psychological distress. One way includes understanding the root cause, the underlying, the deeper issues. Other ways include understanding the ways in which unique thinking styles and mind-set might be contributing. This way is discussed briefly here:

Anxiety, depression and the pain of loss are tremendously stressful to our bodily systems. It's a terrible thing to suffer in this way. Day to day ordinary living becomes an exhausting, restricting and limiting struggle against the natural flow of things.

Our lives are not meant to be this way.

For some it can creep in - the terrible restrictive anxious or depressive feelings. We might not even know 'why'... It just is.

Or, things happen, things that distress us immensely, things that are shocking, things that we feel are very wrong, unjust, bad. We really feel it.

We are currently helping many teenagers overcome panic and stress

We live through all the mixed emotions as we little by little grow to adapt to the experience and find our way. And for many, with counselling or not, the dreadful feelings of anxiety and or depression gradually ease.

But what if they don't ease? What if these awful feelings and thoughts stick around? The impact is great, far-reaching.

When our bodies are in constant emergency mode (chronic stress) our immune system is put under an enormous strain. This is when our physical health can be affected. We don't like to think about this. In fact, the affects ripple out far and wide - family life, relationships, connection, work, study, sleep... there's a long list...

Don't believe everything you think...

So many of our recurring thoughts, our beliefs, attitudes, perceptions are addictive. Did you know that we can become addicted to all forms of stress? Isn't that something! We play the same film over and over. We keep re-visiting past memories. It's all we know. The stress response kind of feels 'normal'.......

And yet,these 'ways of being' are having a terrible negative impact on our health and happiness. And sometimes it is very difficult to see this, let alone do anything about it, on our own.

This is when we tend to turn to external 'things' to ease this awful state. Things like drink. Food maybe. The internet. Compulsive working... there's another long list... But these things don't work. Our bodies are still living in a continual emergency state, whether we realise it or not. And our immune system can be severely compromised by this state of being. And then we feel worse.

Break out of the terrible downward spiral. We help you to release harmful emotional and bodily stress

Chances are that you’ve also made some healthy changes. You may be working on your physical fitness and become more aware of the kind of foods you eat. You may be avoiding toxins in your physical environment. But what about the toxins in your mental environment? In your mind? What I mean is this - the negative feelings and thoughts such as fear, anger, despair, helplessness, powerlessness and so on - these are very toxic to our bodies and to those around us. This is so important to know.

Empower yourself. Decide to live well. Decide to start counselling

And this is where we can really help you. Right at the start. Allow yourself an hour a week of positive self-care. And then, as you progress, you'll be on your own unique way, on a better track, with a good life momentum.

This counselling process for anxiety and depression can make a huge difference to the way you continue to live your life. It's a truly remarkable process. Start by getting in touch. We can arrange an introductory session - this will help. From there we can go forward.

Our counsellors have been with hundreds of clients who during the sessions found something inside of themselves to turn debilitating stress, or depression, or anxiety, or a terrible loss around.

It is terribly important to be connected when you are going through a tough time. Try to resist the temptation to withdraw.

Our hearts have a tendency to lead us toward things we need. You found yourself here. Book your appointment today.

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