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Storing stress is toxic?

There are many reasons people are suffering. As there are many ways to lower, reduce, manage, eliminate psychological stress. One way includes understanding the root cause, the underlying, the deeper issues. Other ways include understanding the ways in which unique thinking styles and mind-set might be contributing. This way is discussed briefly here:

Stress is indeed highly toxic and does a good job weakening our immune system. With stress our bodies are in constant emergency mode. This state cannot continue without it breaking out somewhere. In other words, stress is 'invisible' or non-physical, but the energy it carries will manifest. Is manifesting. Behind the scenes it is always in the process of manifesting. Our bodies keep the score. Always.

We must start to live our lives differently

The most important thing to know is that you can choose to do something about it now. You can choose to reverse all of this vile toxicity. You can choose to learn and understand how some habitual thoughts not only poison your body but also severely compromise your innate self-healing processes.

Then everything changes.
A small shift in your thinking can have a major effect on your life

Come and see us about this. You'll gain a new understanding of how much the contents of your mind shape and influence your experience of everyday life. So much so, you'll see how essential it is to develop ways to change your mind.

How we think has an immediate effect on how we feel. And how we feel has an immediate effect on how we think. Research shows that our minds and hearts work as one. Our minds really do matter. They are tremendously powerful. This uplifting new understanding will help you to shift the patterns which means shifting the stress response, shifting anxiety, worry, low mood, shifting fear....

You can exercise your physical body, you can feed your body fresh, green, beautiful foods, you can eliminate cigarettes and alcohol... all great, obviously. Yet no amount of feeding on green smoothies will overcome the toxins created by the mind's stress response. Our minds really do run the entire show.

In the stress response, you are literally feeding your body poison

Throughout the counselling process people become more aware of how their well worn habitual ways of thinking, and reacting continuously relate to their experiences of day to day life.

Don't believe everything you think...

Because we mostly go about in auto mode it is really empowering to see the ways in which our subconscious minds run the show. You will be invited to turn your attention and focus to the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that uplift, inspire and empower you. You will learn to understand more about the subtle but effective ways we can all choose to change our experiences of day to day life.

Small shifts = big knock on effect

You will learn the powerful value of:

  • shifting the way you look at things

  • shifting your attitude to life, because attitude is everything!

  • shifting your habitual repetitive thoughts and worn out beliefs

  • shifting your expectations

  • shifting your habitual way of being

    The ripple effects

    So it's all about learning how to shift your mind-set. The reason our mind-set is so critically important is because it determines the reality that we experience.

    We need to take our mind-set, how we think and feel and the knock-on impact more seriously. The knock on ripple effects really matter. It isn't just our individual self that suffers on every level - we radiate all this harmful stuff out there!

    But the great news is that even if we adjust and enhance our mind set just a little bit we can see how life becomes better. And better.

    Learn how to maximise your life / your health on every level

    There is nothing more important than feeling good. Nothing. No thing. That's IT. That really is it. That's what shapes our individual lives, collective lives, global lives.....

    Start to live your life differently. Take responsibility.

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