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Can you approach your life differently...?

Think about these questions:

Is it just easier to stay as I am?

Am I really sick and tired of feeling like this?

Can I allow myself to 'do something' that will really help me?

Can I allow myself to improve how I feel from today?

It really can feel easier to do nothing. Which implies that it can feel hard to do something. But eventually it all catches up. So why keep on waiting? And what is it exactly that is being waited for?

We understand that it may be difficult to pay for private counselling. Yet people come from all walks of life. If there is not much money somehow they seem to find it. When you are struggling with how you feel, with how you are experiencing life or with terrible situations, then doesn't feeling better become the priority?

We are currently helping many overcome anxiety and panic

We all know that there is sometimes a waiting list for free NHS counselling. Certainly not in every case - particularly not in an emergency situation - but more in general. Once you've made the decision to go for counselling it can be hard to hear about, for example, a 6 month waiting list, limited number of sessions, availability only on a Tuesday morning etc. etc. What about how you feel today? Tomorrow? Next week? What about your own circumstances, your own availability?

Meanwhile, what do you do whilst on the 'waiting list'? Once the wait is over it's possible that you'll be offered a limited number of free sessions, but how does anyone know if they will feel better after say 6 sessions? What happens if you feel it is really helpful and you want to continue? Or, what if you don't feel particularly comfortable with the counsellor / therapist allocated to you?

What's it like to be a private client? Consider this:

As said previously, this is a private practice. Which of course means you pay. Which may mean doing without one thing in order to pay for this.

But 'private' also means that you have wonderful freedom, control and choice. Many choices in fact. Consider this:

It's you who consciously decides if, when, and where

It's you who consciously chooses who with (very important).

It's you who consciously decides for how long

It's you who consciously chooses the style of counselling that suits you best

Having this kind of personal control really helps, particularly when you feel helpless, powerless or things feel out of control.

Furthermore, some people say that they don't feel comfortable asking their GP about counselling. It may be about a relationship problem for instance, or something that you simply don't feel warrants talking to your Doctor about. You can book your appointment today.

Approaching your life differently

We can start to live our lives differently. We can start to open our selves up to seeing life in a different way.

We can start to make conscious choices about how we think, feel, behave, live.

Counselling transforms people. Counselling changes lives, it really does. It is so much more than folk realise.

It's a chain reaction

These great effects ripple out far and wide because your life is also about everyone else's life that you touch. It's a chain reaction! Without realising we're all impacting on each other. Think about how you impact on your partner, children. How you affect others.

Doing something about it. Atkins Exterior

Improve how you feel from today

Those questions again:

Is it just easier to stay as I am?

Am I really sick and tired of feeling like this?

Can I allow myself to 'do something' that will really help me?

You will find us tucked away within the beautiful Atkins Building in Hinckley.

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