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Welcome to Hinckley Counselling, a wonderful private practice in the heart of Hinckley Town. Here on these pages you will find reassurance, information, and inspiration.

There's myself Marina Broadley, practice owner, and the team of very dedicated independent professional associate counsellors and therapists. You will find out about how we each work, the kind of help available and how this can change your life and that of your loved ones. The counsellors and therapists

This private counselling practice offers men, women, children, couples and young people a tremendous service. Everyday we see people transform. Everyday we see people heal. Everyday we see people uplift. Everyday we see people let go of pain. Everyday we see people astonish themselves!

You can ask whatever you need: Call Marina on 07342 652090

Many people say that so much on these pages relates to their own experiences and therefore strikes a loud cord. And so, you can relax here and allow yourself to make a start. This is where you start to see that counselling and therapy changes lives. Meet us, contact us and arrange your initial session. The counsellors and therapists

Different counsellors, therapists and different areas of expertise... Don't we all know that one size does not fit all? Here we offer local people a choice of private practitioners to see. Whilst you may not have a preference some people are looking specifically for a therapeutic approach such as cognitive behaviour therapy for example. Other people want to come and talk to a counsellor with their partner. Others wish to come with their teenage child. Others want to see a female counsellor. And so on.

It matters very much that you see the person who feels right. Somehow 'the fit' has to feel right. These web pages will help you to choose. And if you are not sure, that's ok - contact me, Marina Broadley, practice owner, and we can go from there. Contact Marina

Welcoming adults and children. Atkinswindow

Are you ready to take back control of your life? You are not a helpless victim. You always have the freedom to choose. Always. No exceptions.

You make a choice. Make the choice to really care about how you feel and the way your life is heading. Find out more

I know that people often think the way they feel isn't serious enough or doesn't warrant counselling / therapy. You don't have to be experiencing a crisis or trauma!

In fact, so many people use the sessions as an opportunity to gain clarification, for preparation, closure, peace, harmony, confidence, better health, to move on, to let go, to save a relationship, to end a relationship, to understand (stop) an addiction, to find a way to accept themselves ...

But.. you may be going through crisis. Sometimes life deals such harsh blows that our capacity to get through is seriously affected. So make contact. The counsellors and therapists

Refreshing, peaceful and wonderfully nourishing...Deep down we all long for an internal calm security that comes from clarity, self-knowing and self-understanding. We find it fortifying. It strengthens. And we feel better. Much better.

This is why people keep coming! They know, they feel, they sense that something is changing for them. Make the choice to drop the mask for an hour or so.

Kindest regards,


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Marina Broadley, private counsellor at Hinckley Counselling, Leicestershire:Specialising in healing stress, loss, depression, relationship and anxiety therapy in Leicestershire and Hinckley

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