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A very warm welcome ...

Hello, I'm Marina Broadley, and I'm the voice behind this website. I'm also the professionally qualified, very experienced counsellor here at Hinckley Counselling, my private practice at the beautiful grade 11 listed Atkins Building. Thank you for visiting!

There's myself here, and too some dedicated profesional associate counsellors and therapists. I am blessed to be amongst them. Changing lives from the inside out...that's what we do. On this website you will find out about how we each work, the kind of help available and how this can change your life.

This wonderful private counselling practice offers men, women and young people a tremendous service. Everyday we see people transform. Everyday we see people heal. Everyday we see people uplift. Everyday we see people let go of pain. Everyday we see people astonish themselves!

Overall, this is where you begin to discover your much happier self. This is where you can relax and allow yourself to make a start. This is where you start to see that counselling and therapy changes lives.

And so, I invite you to take some time out to read this website. It's so very different to all the others.

My hope is that some of what I talk about here relates to your everyday life and therefore strikes a cord. And in striking that cord I hope you will be inspired to take the initial steps to improving any aspect of your life.

All sorts of people are actually using the counselling process right now to make extraordinary changes in their lives. You will have come here because you know you need to feel better.

And, most importantly, you are ready to do something about it.

Different therapists and different areas of expertise

We all know that one size does not fit all. Hinckley Counselling Health and Well Being offers local people a choice of practitioners to see. Whilst you may not have a preference some people are looking specifically for a therapeutic approach such as cognitive behaviour therapy for example. Other people want to come and talk to a counsellor with their partner. Others wish to come with their teenage child. And so on.

It matters very much that you see the kind of person who feels right for you. Somehow 'the fit' has to feel right. Hopefully this website will help you to choose. Please also follow us on Facebook as there are wonderful supportive posts being continually added.

Change your Life. Atkinscosyeve

Where you will find us

You'll find me, Marina Broadley and the associate counsellors in our beautiful therapy room at the heart of a really lovely professional setting; a beautiful grade 11 listed building in central Hinckley:

The Atkins Building
Lower Bond Street
Leicestershire LE10 1QU

Clients often comment on the the building's warm and welcoming character, and they are right!

Health is everything

Isn't this so? Our health, good or bad, dictates the core of our experience of life. The really great thing is that you can do so much to be in good health. I'm talking about emotional health and physical health as one integrated system. Which is of course what it is.

Are you living in a chronic state of survival? It's hard to believe that this is possible isn't it? Yet you're able to turn on toxic stress responses just by your thoughts. This is where I can really help you. I specialise in helping people to overcome the damaging effects of stress. This means working through the individual causes / origins of stress, the symptoms of stress, the feelings and emotions related to stress and all the ways in which stress manifests in your mind and body.

It also means caring about and therapeutically working through your feeling-states such as anxiety, depression, grief. Most importantly it means I help you improve the interwoven, entangled relationship between being well physically and being well psychologically / emotionally / mentally and vice versa.

Why people come

Our hearts have a tendency to lead us toward things we need.

People come who are ready to find what they need to in order to feel better.

Something may have happened such as a relationship issue, a family problem, a terrible situation at work or someone may have died.... Or something may be on-going that now seems unbearable.

Or you may be aware that you're creating bad situations by repeating patterns. These experiences set off a series of bodily symptoms/reactions like stress, feeling very anxious, very down, and so on.

Sleep may be affected. Concentration may be affected. Certainly your relationships will be suffering. More about your relationship What tends to happen is that we make attempts to feel better by turning towards something such as drink, over-working, food, drugs, affairs or whatever you are drawn toward.

Did you know we work therapeutically with children and teens?

Our emotions and feelings impact far more than we realise. Take serious illness for example - it isn't just about physical recovery. What about emotional recovery? This is so crucially important. You can't heal one without the other!

Age doesn't come into it - whether you are 18 or 80, it matters not. People come when they have really had enough of feeling and living the way they are.

Great support for young people

Stop suffering. Make an appointment. It's a private counselling service so there are fees to pay. Associate counsellors, Bally and Kelly, both work therapeutically with young people. See Independent Associate Counsellors and Therapists

Anxiety - a major problem

Anxiety may or may not be a problem for you. However, I want to briefly highlighting it here as it seems to be gathering momentum at an alarming rate. I see so many people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired with this dreadful current affliction. I can help. Or, see one of our associate counsellor and therapists.

The crippling effects of health anxiety

It may be a specific problem such as health anxiety or a more general sense of dread. Either, you will be drastically restricted. We seem to be living in a fear-based world and this kind of fear is having such a terrible impact on people's freedom to engage with life in their natural way.

It can be very different

You may in fact not know how anxious or stressed you are. It can become so deeply embedded that it feels a 'normal' state or it feels like a part of who you are. It's only when it starts to fall away that you realise how much it gripped you.

Whether you are very aware of it or it is more of a hidden backgound rumbling - either way, anxiety is crippling and places your physical body under a relentless strain. Our bodies really do keep the score. More
You can have a happier, more peaceful mind and heart

It doesn't have to be this way. Give yourself permission to make that first appointment. Allow yourself to see how it could be without the awful worry and fear impacting on your day to day experiences.

Change is a funny thing. It has never been particularly popular. Oh we say we can embrace change, welcome change, view it as positive etc etc but do we? Do we really? Why then do we have such a hard time with it? Our resistance is off the scale!

Anyway, 'change' is way too broad. Change dentist, change job, change partner, change clothes, change toothpaste..... But change me? Change our selves? Our selves? Can't I just change everyone else? - I'd be ok then....

But how about life-changing? Your life?

At the heart of good health

Fundamentally it is the changes you make within that so powerfully change how you experience your life. Everything has to start somewhere. 'Home', that's where! In other words, you, self, 'inside', within. This is where it's at. This is getting to the heart of the matter, the heart of your good health.

But, perhaps you don't like this prospect too much. You may prefer that 'outside' things change. You may want everyone else to change. You may want your life to change by buying things, or by changing your partner, changing your job, changing your lifestyle, changing your weight.... Yes, you can arrange these 'outside' changes and it appears to help. Somewhat. For a while. But then it fades.

Watch this stunningly beautiful short video about how we feel and think. Heart and Mind as one! It's from The Institute of HeartMath . I have it on this website: Here it is!

Consider this

The positive effects of changing things outside ourselves will always fade because 'outside of ourselves' isn't where it's at. Once we realise that unless we can look at changing how we are, how we see things, how we relate to life and others people, and our underlying beliefs about life, others and everything, then at base we remain stuck in an unhappy place. Furthermore, deep down we know it. Outside changes are ok but they are another way of papering over the cracks. Think about it.

Change your Life. Atkinswindow

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

You are not a helpless victim. You always have the freedom to choose. Always. No exceptions.

You make a choice. Make the choice to really care about how you feel and the way your life is heading. Find out more

I know that people often think the way they feel isn't serious enough or doesn't warrant counselling / therapy. You don't have to be experiencing a crisis or trauma!

In fact, so many people use the sessions as an opportunity to gain clarification, for preparation, closure, peace, harmony, confidence, better health, to move on, to let go, to save a relationship, to end a relationship, to understand (stop) an addiction, to find a way to accept themselves ...

But.. you may be going through crisis. Sometimes life deals such harsh blows that our capacity to get through is seriously affected. So make contact.

Refreshing, peaceful and wonderfully nourishing

Deep down we all long for an internal calm security that comes from clarity, self-knowing and self-understanding. We find it fortifying. It strengthens. And we feel better. Much better.

This is why people keep coming! They know, they feel, they sense that something is changing for them. Make the choice to drop the mask for an hour or so.

Kindest regards,


P.S. There is a very helpful brand new Facebook page. New supportive posts are being continually added. Please 'Like' the page and please share posts. You will be amazed at how much this could help someone else receive the support they so need. Thank you.

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Marina Broadley, private counsellor at Hinckley Counselling, Leicestershire:Specialising in healing stress, loss, depression, relationship and anxiety therapy in Leicestershire and Hinckley

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